Meet Chiropractor Dr Ari Diskin

Dr Ari Diskin is based at Diskin Life in Fitzroy, Melbourne and has over 30 years of professional experience. He is a passionate practitioner, coach, speaker, author and educator that is a Doctor of Chiropractic as well as a Fellow for the Australasian College of Chiropractors.

He was trained in the US and professionally seen in excess of 10,000 people as well as delivering over 1000 presentations. Ari is the Principal at Diskin Life, and is a provider of Integrative Chiropractic and Wellness Education~ incorporating Network Care- a Reorganizational Self-Healing approach.

Ari has had a range of leadership positions and has been recognised internationally and within Australia for his work contributing to health, the profession and the community. These awards include being the Chiropractor of the Year 3 times in 1988, 1998 and 2006.

Ari is dedicated to empowering people to realise their potential and his experience has enabled him to give powerful practical evolutionary strategies to improve people’s lives.

Details for Aris practice are below:
Diskin Life
Phone: 03 9417 7222
181 Victoria Parade Fitzroy
3065 Melbourne, Australia

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