Podiatry Treats Injuries, Deformities and Gait Problems

The feet carry the weight of the entire body and Podiatrist Melbourne offers specialised services to keep them happy, healthy and pain free. The clinic addresses a multitude of lower limb pain and health issues of children and adults.

As a result of more people becoming involved in sports activities for fitness and health, physiotherapists are treating more lower limb injuries ranging from strains and sprains to fractures and torn muscles and ligaments. Total Physiocare provides rehabilitation, therapies to reduce the risk of injury, and assessments that identify existing problems and areas of concern.

The practice provides foot and limb retraining and therapies that correct improper movement patterns to relieve pain and increase performance. The practice treats overuse injuries of the bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles with proven techniques that get patients back on their feet quickly.

One of the most common chronic diseases that affect the feet and legs is diabetes. Loss of sensation and neurological damage can make it difficult for patients to feel when an injury occurs. Podiatry Heidelberg performs foot checks and provides therapies to assist with fluid retention, along with corrective nail surgery when needed. Podiatry services are critical for diabetics. Even a small injury can result in an infection and the potential for amputation.

Patients often overlook the benefits of orthotic therapies. Pain in one part of the body can originate in another. Improper shoes, standing for long periods, and improper gait can result in pain in the lower back, knees and hips. Orthotic devices can correct those foot problems and alleviate pain in other areas of the body.

It’s never too early for parents to have their child assessed for potential foot problems and ensure they’re developing properly. Melbourne podiatry has the ability to treat conditions that cause knock-knees, pigeon toes and bow-legs. Deformities and developmental issues are treated. Modern orthotics are comfortable, custom made and unobtrusive.

Your local podiatrist provides adults and children with a full complement of services to alleviate pain, address gait problems and deformities, and rehabilitate following injuries or surgery. Podiatry services can be employed along with physiotherapy services for a complete health and wellness solution.

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