Mackie Road Clinic

Our team have been an integral part of the East Bentleigh community for over 50 years and the professional team of male and female doctors, nurses, allied health practitioners, and administrative staff are committed to providing quality, patient centred care. Their aim is to create long term relationships and patient loyalty by providing high quality, accessible, affordable, comprehensive and continuing health care services within a friendly, inclusive, supportive and family oriented environment.

The facilities at Mackie Road Clinic have recently been renovated and are complete with state of the art equipment. In addition to our 6 fully equipped consulting rooms, spacious reception area, dedicated disabled car-parking and wheelchair access, our facility incorporates a custom designed treatment room equipped to handle emergency situations, minor surgical procedures, and wound care. There is also an onsite pathology collection centre (operated by Melbourne Pathology) which is available to both our patients and the general public. No appointment is necessary for pathology services.

The team of highly experienced doctors make continuing education a priority to ensure they bring not only their wealth of knowledge, but progressive practice to all of our patients. There are a wide variety of services offered at Mackie Road Clinic including comprehensive health assessments, immunisations (children, adults, and travel), pregnancy care, skin cancer checks, podiatry services, minor surgery, chronic disease coordination, integrative medicine, dietician and nutritional advice, cosmetic medicine, home and aged care visits, and plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Mackie Road Clinic is located at 82 Mackie Road, Bentleigh East. Call us today on (03) 9579 3866 to arrange an appointment.

Evoker – Premium Physiotherapy Services

The team at Evoker pride themselves on providing their patients the best possible experience and have success in treating a wide range of presenting concerns. Employing evidence based ‘hands on’ and exercise therapy, our physiotherapists are well trained, highly experienced, and have worked with elite sporting clubs, celebrities, politicians, and the busy people of London and Sydney!

Physiotherapists are the specialists to see for any musculoskeletal pain or dysfunction. So whether you are experiencing headaches, neck, back or shoulder pain, require rehabilitation from a sporting injury or operation, have a workplace injury, are experiencing limited movement, weakness, or changes in sensation (such as pins and needles or numbness), or are in some other way limited in your daily activities, the team at Evoker can help.

A comprehensive assessment is conducted by the physiotherapist in order to determine an accurate diagnosis and design an appropriate treatment plan for your individual problem to help you return to optimal daily function as soon as possible. Whilst exercise therapy is a key component of physiotherapy treatment plans, other techniques available include joint mobilisation and manipulation, massage, taping, and dry needling.

Sports Physio
Evoker today on (02) 9252 2433 to arrange an appointment with one of Sydney’s most experienced physiotherapists. We are located at Suite 301, Level 3 of the Grafton Bond building, 201 Kent Street in Sydney.

Uplifting Implants

In the modern day world plastic surgery is becoming more and more common as there is little reason to remain unhappy when the technology exists in an affordable form. Getting your breasts enlarged is a procedure most people feel is private. Despite the fact that breast augmentation is quite common you may not know who does, or does not, have them, and could feel uncomfortable asking such questions. This is where your physician comes in!

A Sea Of Options Requires Specificity
Speak openly with your surgeon about what you want in the end. They only way for them to bring you the figure you want is through their understanding of exactly what you have in mind. Do not explain using cup sizes, but refer to your own chest and perhaps come prepared with celebrity photos of what you have in mind (as you would with a hairdresser). Modern day breast augmentation is not a one size fits all procedure, instead there are plenty of options along the way, such as: saline or gel, and textured or smooth implants?Blepharoplasty Surgery near Melbourne

Shape Construction
The smooth, full lift offered by a round shaped implant is what most people recognise as the stereotypical implant, however there have been advances in a teardrop shaped implant over recent years. This newer model is especially usefully for women whose breasts require greater fullness, or those interested in a more natural look.

The Effect
Breast implants are one of few expenses that your spouse is likely to dispute. In fact, you can make the argument that they are as much a gift for him as they are for you. Yet, with implants you need not worry – they do not increase your risk of breast cancer, nor do they disrupt breast feeding abilities should you have a child in the future. All you get is a more curvaceous you.

If you have always wanted a larger size or a fuller chest, then treat yourself with the help of Professor Mark Ashton.

Podiatry Treats Injuries, Deformities and Gait Problems

The feet carry the weight of the entire body and Podiatrist Melbourne offers specialised services to keep them happy, healthy and pain free. The clinic addresses a multitude of lower limb pain and health issues of children and adults.

As a result of more people becoming involved in sports activities for fitness and health, physiotherapists are treating more lower limb injuries ranging from strains and sprains to fractures and torn muscles and ligaments. Total Physiocare provides rehabilitation, therapies to reduce the risk of injury, and assessments that identify existing problems and areas of concern.

The practice provides foot and limb retraining and therapies that correct improper movement patterns to relieve pain and increase performance. The practice treats overuse injuries of the bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles with proven techniques that get patients back on their feet quickly.

One of the most common chronic diseases that affect the feet and legs is diabetes. Loss of sensation and neurological damage can make it difficult for patients to feel when an injury occurs. Podiatry Heidelberg performs foot checks and provides therapies to assist with fluid retention, along with corrective nail surgery when needed. Podiatry services are critical for diabetics. Even a small injury can result in an infection and the potential for amputation.

Patients often overlook the benefits of orthotic therapies. Pain in one part of the body can originate in another. Improper shoes, standing for long periods, and improper gait can result in pain in the lower back, knees and hips. Orthotic devices can correct those foot problems and alleviate pain in other areas of the body.

It’s never too early for parents to have their child assessed for potential foot problems and ensure they’re developing properly. Melbourne podiatry has the ability to treat conditions that cause knock-knees, pigeon toes and bow-legs. Deformities and developmental issues are treated. Modern orthotics are comfortable, custom made and unobtrusive.

Your local podiatrist provides adults and children with a full complement of services to alleviate pain, address gait problems and deformities, and rehabilitate following injuries or surgery. Podiatry services can be employed along with physiotherapy services for a complete health and wellness solution.

NDPE Techniques are Effective for Enhancing Quality of Life

Individuals don’t have to be injured to benefit from the services of a physiotherapist at Northern Districts Physiotherapy Eastwood (NDPE). The practice’s therapies play an essential role in relieving pain, restoring movement and rehabilitating injuries. Physiotherapy is appropriate for patients with injuries, chronic disease and mood disorders.

Depending upon the needs of the patient, physiotherapy can reduce the need for prescription medications and offers an alternative to surgical interventions. Therapies assist in addressing conditions ranging from asthma and incontinence to low bone density and organ failure.

Patients with neurological and musculoskeletal conditions, traumatic brain injuries, and developmental disorders have access to advanced techniques and technology to improve health and overall functionality. Even TMJ pain and migraine headaches can be alleviated with physiotherapy techniques.

World-class athletes around the globe have embraced the use of physiotherapy to enhance their performance and help reduce the risk of injuries. Services enable athletes at any level of ability to stay healthy, fit and in optimal condition during training and competition.

Physiotherapists play an essential role in preparing amputees for prosthetic limbs. The trained professionals provide patients with education and assistance on using mobility aids that includes walkers and wheelchairs, canes and crutches, and motorized conveyances. They conduct ergonomic and work assessments for more efficient ways of moving and preventing injuries.

Services are beneficial for those suffering from depression and seasonal affective disorder. They elevate the mood, relieve stress and promote restorative sleep. Techniques are an integral element in anger management programs and for those with substance abuse issues. Physiotherapy is effective for current problems and those with residual consequences.

Therapies can be used individually or in combination with other methods. Therapeutic massage, clinical Pilates and prescription exercise are all available therapies. Dry needling, custom orthotics and methods to retrain the body in the proper way to move are offered, and gait assessments identify areas of potential problems.

The services at Northern Districts Physiotherapy Eastwood are appropriate for children and adults. Therapies relieve pain, help maintain mobility and encompass a strong psychological element to provide patients with a better quality of life.

For more information, call 02 9874 8410.

Services at EverCare Dental

At EverCare Dental, we are committed at providing you and your family with the best quality and most comprehensive oral health care  with a great emphasis on prevention.

We cater to the needs of a wide range of patients of all ages. At EverCare Dental we understand that oral health is an essential part of general health and wellbeing and our dentists always have have their patients health in mind.

At EverCare Dental, we will ensure you have been provided with all the of the information about your oral health and will assist you to make an informed and most useful decision.

For more information on our range of services or to contact us, visit our website at or call us on 9852 3865 for Bulleen or 9439 1772.
Our locations are listed below.

Bulleen Dental Clinic: 40 Templestowe Rd, Bulleen
Eltham Dental Clinic: 9A. 906 Main Rd, Eltham Village Shopping Centre Eltham

Dental Implants at Grey Street Dentist

At Grey Street Dentist we have proudly serviced patients since the 1970s. We offer services to residents from St Kilda, St Kilda East, Elwood, Balaclava, Albert Park, Windsor and Prahran. Dr Hyun Soo Yu leads a passionate team which has hosted generations of dentists. We have a range of patients who has grown up attending our practice and now their families.

As well as outstanding dental care, Grey Street Dentist offers a respectful and professional environment that we are incredibly proud of. We encourage regular maintenance and our team has the knowledge and experience to feel with emergencies and repair.

St Kilda Dental Implants are catered to you and your specific needs and we are committed to bringing you the finest quality care.

For more information or to speak to our team, call 03 9534 4017 or visit our website at

Podiatrists in Adelaide

Conveniently located in Eastwood and North Adelaide, Adelaide Podiatry is able to offer premium services to surrounding areas. We treat a broad range of conditions including but not limited to heel and arch pain, children’s feet, achilles/ankle pain, knee or shin pain, ingrown toenails, hip pain, diabetic pain and lower back pain.

Our Podiatrists Adelaide have great experience and knowledge and we can cater to your needs. The foot and ankle contains 26 bones, 33 joints,  and more than 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments. We spend a lot of time on our feet and walk approximately 128000km in our lifetime, so we are bound to experience a form of foot/ankle discomfort or injury in our lives. You do not have to persist with the pain, and Adelaide Podiatry can help you overcome the condition or injury.

To contact us or if you need more information on our services, call 08 8239 1022 for the North Adelaide clinic or 08 8357 0700 for the Eastwood Clinic. Our website is

Meet Chiropractor Dr Ari Diskin

Dr Ari Diskin is based at Diskin Life in Fitzroy, Melbourne and has over 30 years of professional experience. He is a passionate practitioner, coach, speaker, author and educator that is a Doctor of Chiropractic as well as a Fellow for the Australasian College of Chiropractors.

He was trained in the US and professionally seen in excess of 10,000 people as well as delivering over 1000 presentations. Ari is the Principal at Diskin Life, and is a provider of Integrative Chiropractic and Wellness Education~ incorporating Network Care- a Reorganizational Self-Healing approach.

Ari has had a range of leadership positions and has been recognised internationally and within Australia for his work contributing to health, the profession and the community. These awards include being the Chiropractor of the Year 3 times in 1988, 1998 and 2006.

Ari is dedicated to empowering people to realise their potential and his experience has enabled him to give powerful practical evolutionary strategies to improve people’s lives.

Details for Aris practice are below:
Diskin Life
Phone: 03 9417 7222
181 Victoria Parade Fitzroy
3065 Melbourne, Australia

Ormond Physiotherapy Services

Ormond Physiotherapy is built from a dedicated physiotherapists who are committed to give the best treatment to improve their patients quality of life. Ormond Physiotherapy offers a range of allied health care options including clinical pilates, orthotics, massage, personal training and hydrotherapy.

Our services include physiotherapy which is an effective treatment of muscle joint and nerve injuries. The physiotherapists at Ormond Physiotherapy are highly trained and experienced meaning they are able to best help their clients achieve various goals. Physiotherapists use a variety of techniques including but not limited to, joint mobilisation and manipulation, soft tissue injuries, electrotherapy, taping dry needling, exercise strengthening programs and more.

Some conditions that our physiotherapists treat include back or neck pain, headaches, muscle strains or tears, sports injuries and more.

Ormond Physiotherapy
03 9578 6588